The Windmill

Often the first of the more difficult tricks people learn, though "difficult"
is a relative term (I find most juggles difficult to learn...). It's a lot of fun to juggle, if not
somewhat addicting (keep trying to get it faster and tighter and smoother) and people seem
to enjoy seeing it, too.
It looks similair to a shower or half-shower and is sometimes called
the "false shower", though I find this kind of mean. It's like calling the shower a "false windmill"...

It's not really very complex. You only need to know an under-the-arm throw and
an over-the-top throw. Actually, it is only an over-the-top followed by an under-the-arm,
that's the windmill. Each hand keeps throwing only one kind of throw, and (sooner or later
with a bit of practice) the balls will be going happily around in a circle.
video - The Windmill

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