Two in One Hand

Though only two balls are used here, these patterns are used a lot in
many three ball tricks. It took me quite a bit longer to learn two-in-one-hand
juggling than it did to learn the cascade, but it will eventually
get easier and smoother with practice.
There are three variations, which can be juggled alone or in combination.

In this version, the two balls are thrown one at a time straight up, side by side.
video - Columns

Here the balls are thrown in an outward circular pattern. The right hand throws to the
rightm the left hand would throw towards the left.
video - Rolling-Out

The opposite of the previous pattern. The balls are thrown inwards, in a roughly
circular pattern. Generally considered the most difficult of the three
video - Rolling-In

It's also fun and probably good practice to combine a couple of different
patterns. This one uses rolling-in and rolling-out throws.
video - Combination

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