Tennis Patterns

Tennis patterns are fun and some of the first tricks many jugglers learn
after the cascade. They're called "tennis" patterns, because in each version,
a single ball tennises back and forth over the other ball(s).

Probably the easiest of the lot, if you can do a cascade and an over-the-top throw,
you can already do this one. Juggle a cascade and choose a ball. When it comes time
to throw it, throw it over-the-top, sending it above the pattern. Once it is caught,
throw it over-the-top again and repeat. The ball is arcing over the pattern as the other two balls
cascade underneath.
video - Tennis

Real Tennis
Why this is called "real tennis", I'm not sure. Possibly because in this version
there is only one ball functioning as the "net". It's actually a two-in-one-hand
juggle once it's going, the left throwing twice followed by two right hand throws.

Hold two balls the right hand, one ball in the left. The right hand throws a ball
in an arc over to the other side. As it peaks, the left sends its ball straight up the middle.
This middle ball funtions as the "net". The left goes back to the left to catch the first ball, and
throws it back the way it came (in an arc over the pattern). The left hand is now
empty again to catch its "net" ball.

As the tennis ball peaks, the right hand throws its "net" ball straight up the center of the
pattern, and catches the tennis ball. You're back in the starting position, and can simply repeat.
video - Real Tennis

Possibly also know as "one-up,two-up" tennis. I call it doubles, in keeping with
the tennis theme. It's one of my favorites to juggle and pretty easy to learn.

Juggle a cascade and choose a ball. When it comes time to throw it, send it
over-the-top to the other side (just like the other tennis patterns). Then the left and right
hands simply catch their balls and throw them straight up in the center of the
pattern at the same time (creating a "double net"). Then simply keep tennising
the single ball over the doubles.
video - Doubles

Cross-Arm Tennis
Another great variation, and very similair to the populair Burke's Barrage trick.
It's also almost identical to "Real Tennis", just with an under-the-arm throw.

To learn it, juggle a few rounds of Real Tennis. One ball is arcing back and forth
over the juggle, while one ball is being thrown straight up throught the center.
It's this center ball that is the under-the-arm throw. As the "tennis" ball peaks,
instead of throwing a ball straight up in the middle, the throwing hand crosses
underneath the other hand and throws it's ball straight up on the side of the pattern.
It's still just a two-in-one hand juggle, but just a bit more active.
video - Cross-Arm Tennis

A fun variation on Cross-Arm Tennis (and getting even closer to Burke's Barrage),
is to throw the "tennis" ball straight up, instead of as an over-the-top throw.
Everything remains the same, just the path of the "tennis" ball is changed.
video - Cross-Arm Tennis Variation

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