The Shower

Looks very similair to the Half Shower, but different to juggle.
I prefer juggling the Half Shower myself, but that's because
I just enjoy throwing the two balls at the same time. In the Shower,
the hands don't throw together. Almost, but not quite.

You can practice with two balls first if you like. Lots of people already
know this pattern with two, when they learn to juggle three the just try to
add a third ball. The Shower is probably more difficult than the cascade,
it's no wonder they don't get it right away.

For two balls, throw one up to the other side and then place
(or use a very fast, close throw) the other ball into the first hand.
Repeating this creates the two ball shower.

For the three ball shower, get all three balls and do pretty much
the same as in the two ball example. With two in the left hand,
and one in the right, the left hand throws first. Both balls are thrown
over to the left, as the second ball is thrown, the left hand places/zips
its ball to the right.

That's one round of the Shower, just repeat for the full juggle.
The left hand throws have to be pretty high, much higher than the
Half Shower, which can be juggled very low (I've seen the Half Shower
juggled so low that the balls barely pass over each other, it looks great).
video - The Shower

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