A Multi-Plex is when two (or more) balls are thrown with the same hand
at the same time. There are two major types:

In a normal or "flat" multi-plex, the balls are thrown to the same height,
side by side. Often, you'll want them to split a bit while in the air
By putting a slight twist in the throwing motion, they'll sperate. You can
also split them by using your fingers when you throw them. Kind of let them "roll"
off your fingers in different directions as you pitch them in the air.
video - Flat Multi-Plex

A "stacked" multi-plex has the balls in a stack, one on top of the other.
It took me a while to get the two-ball catch working a bit, but it's a fun
thing to practice. I catch the lower (first) ball between my index finger and
thumb, and let the top (second) one fall into my palm. My hand goes somewhat
foreward after the first catch to make this possible.

After a while, you'll be able to either keep them
fairly close together, or make them spread out quite a bit, depending
on what you want to do with them.
video - Stacked Multi-Plex

The Georgian Shuffle

Hold two balls in the (say) right hand, one in the left. The left hand
throws its ball straight up and as it peaks, the right throws a flat multi-plex
straight up.
The left hand catches its ball and throws it in an arc over the pattern, as the right
hand goes up to catch the inside ball of the multi-plex.
The left hand then goes under the juggle, catching the outside multi-plex, and the right hand
catches the left hand ball that came over in and arc.
The left hand goes back to the left, to throw it's ball straight up again,
and the juggle begins once more.
video - Georgian Shuffle

A Georgian Shuffle Variation

Similair to the previous entry, this is a very nice pattern.
Here, instead of the left hand throwing it's ball in an arc on it's
second throw, it throws its ball as an under-the-arm throw.
The right hand "plucks" the inside multi-plex at its peak,
slightly different (and slightly more difficult, I find) than the
regular Georgian shuffle.
video - Georgian Shuffle Variation

A Combination Multi-Plex

A simple multi--plex I came up with using both flat and stacked throws.
video - Combination Multi-Plex

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