The Frisky Mandarine

An odd trick I came up with myself, though I'm sure I'm not the first to
have done so. If it's your trick, let me know!

This is pretty much a two-in-one hand juggle, the other hand doesn't have a lot
to do. I use my left hand, so I'll describe it that way.
Hold two balls in the left and one in the right. The left hand throws twice, both times
in the same direction (to the right). The left hand then goes straight after the second ball
it threw, and brings it back in an arch to it's original position (kind of like a reverse chop).
At around the same time the left hand makes it's catch, the right hand throws its single ball
straight up and goes right to catch the first ball thrown.
It's then repeated for the full pattern. The same ball is always thrown and chopped, the other
two are changing places.
video - The Frisky Mandarine

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