The Factory

I've found this to be one of the most difficult patterns to
juggle, but one of the nicest looking ones. People seem to like
watching it, it's surprising to watch as it looks quite different
than most other patterns.

Like most juggles, the idea behind is pretty simple. Do a two-in-one
hand columns juggle, the other hand holds a ball. Watch the column going
up and down on the outside of the juggle. As in the Fake, the hand holding
a single ball is going to mimic this up and down movement. Do that for a bit
to get the rhythm going.

Next time you carry the ball up, mirroring the outside ball's motion,
you don't lower your hand as the outside ball falls. You move it over in straight
line over the top of the pattern. Let the ball drop and return to the otherside,
from where you started from.

The inside ball of the columns juggle will be falling there, you have to catch it
and begin again. As the new outside ball rises, you mimic its flight to the top.
Once at the top, you carry the ball once again in a straight line over to the other

The two-in-one hand juggle has to move over to make this all possible. The ball you
drop becomes the new outside ball, and everything has to "shift" one column to the side.

I found this quite hard in the beginning, probably took me a month to be able to do a
couple of rounds. Even then, it didn't look very nice. After you can do it a bit,
then you can try to make it look better. I juggle fairly low, I suppose, it's often
juggled quite a bit higher, with the balls going up to head-height (or higher). That looks
really nice, and might make it a bit easier (you can see the balls a birt better and the
extra height might slow things down a bit).
video - The Factory

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