The Cascade

This is more or less the easiest and simplest pattern for three balls. The balls are thrown from
one hand to the other, each ball going under the previous one.

It's important to stay relaxed and throw naturally. If you stay calm and at ease,
you'll probably catch the ball somewhat on the outside, and then scoop or swing
your hand inwards to throw it again. It's that easy-going swing that makes the cascade
fluid and smooth.
video - one ball

Two balls isn't much harder, it just may take a minute or two to "let" yourself do it.
As one ball peaks, the other is thrown underneath the one in the air.
Stay relaxed and keep swinging your hand from the outside (as you catch)
to the inside (as you throw).
video - two balls

Once two balls isn't giving you much of problem, try all three.
Start with two balls in one hand, one ball in the other. The one holding two balls
throws one of it's balls first. When it peaks, the other hand throws it's ball underneath (just like the two-ball
pattern). As the second one peaks, the third ball is thrown.
video - three balls (the cascade)

It may take some people a few minutes to learn this, others may need a lot more time. It took me about three or
four days to get it going for more than a few throws, and about a week to get it smooth.
Just relax and it'll eventually start working.

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