Burke's Barrage

Great trick (devised by Ken Burke) and one of the three more populair
advanced juggles (along with Mill's Mess and Rubenstein's Revenge). Burke's
Barrage lloks really nice, is fun to juggle and is probably the easiest of the
three to learn.

This pattern actually a two-in-one hand juggle, each hand throws twice in a row.
An easy way to learn it, is to start with video - Real Tennis.

Once that's going okay, alter it until you have video - Cross-Arm Tennis.

Only two more slight adjustments to make before you have Burke's Barrage.
First, instead of throwin the "tennis" ball back and forth over the pattern,
throw it straight up. Something like this video - Cross-Arm Tennis Variation.

Notice that one ball is going up and down in the middle (more or less), and two balls go up on the sides.
What makes it Burke's Barrage, is if you catch the balls going up and down at the sides roughly at
their peak, and carry them over the center ball.
video - Burke's Barrage

You can also keep the "tennis" ball going back and forth, as well.
Then it's something like this:
video - Burke's Barrage-2

You can also carry them under the center ball, or do combinations (one hand over, one under, etc.).
I've seen it done both ways (and many other ways, too!).

One of the greatest joys of juggling is coming up with your own versions
of things, of course. You don't have to juggle the same tricks the same way as other people are
doing them, enjoy it and mark it with your own personality. Do it high, low, wide or narrow, quickly or slowly,
whatever suits you.

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