The Box

This is my favorite pattern (at least so far). Although there's more or less
only one move (repeated on both sides), it's kind of tricky to learn.
When it's going, two balls rise at the sides of the pattern while one ball is thrown
back and forth underneath. It creates a roughly "box"-like shape (hence the name).

You can learn the basic move with two balls, one in each hand. Both balls are thrown at
the same time, one going straight up at the side, the other is thrown straight across.
That's pretty much all there is to it, but getting your hands to do it can take time.
video - two balls

Practice the two ball exercise on both sides, then try it with three.
video - The Box

Extended Box
This makes the Box twice as much fun and makes several "box" shapes.
Juggle a box and when you're ready, choose a side (I'll use the left side).
When you make your next left hand column, do the exact same thing again.
Instead of zipping the middle ball back towards the right, zip it to the left again,
moving (or turning) your body with it. It creates a "double" box, with a shared
center column.
In the video, I do it back and forth, but you can keep going to one side as long as you like.
Just keep stepping in that direction.
It's somewhat difficult (but the ultimate goal), to keep
the columns nice and straight and everything as "square" as possible.
video - The Extended Box

The Drop Box
Instead of two columns on either side of the pattern,
the Drop Box has one column on the outside, one in the middle.

Juggle a Box and when it's time for a (say) right hand throw, instead
of throwing it up on the right side, throw it straight uo in the middle.
The rest of the pattern stays more or less the same.

The middle ball has a tendency to hit the other ball, and you should
probably try to keep it a lot more "square" and Box-like than mine...
video - The Drop Box

Slow Shuffle with One-Sided Box
Possibly more of a Slow Shuffle variation, but i've included it here. Thought I came
up with it myself (and gave it the rather long name), I'm sure it's been around
for a while.
Do a Slow Shuffle. Pick a catch, and instead of bringing your arm back
up to do another shuffle, do one side of a box.
video - Slow Shuffle with One-Sided Box

Two-in-One Hand with the Box
You can throw in a round or two of a Two-in-One Hand juggle
during the box. Instead of zipping the low ball back, exchange
it with the one on that side.

You can obviously do it on one side or both, in the video
I do it on one side (I'm kind of found of asymetrical patterns).
video - Two-in-One Hand with the Box

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