A somewhat ricky pattern, with a high throw and two balls changing
places underneath.

Maybe easiest to learn on both sides, and then put it together.
One side of it is 5313. The "5" is high to the other side, a "3" is
a nromal cascade throw, the "1" a quick zip or hand-off to the other hand.

So it's, high, low zip, low and repeat. Takes a while to get the "3" throws
low enough to keep it going.
video - 5313

Once that's going on both sides, combine them. Start with a high throw
from the (say) right hand, low from the left, and a really quick zip/hand-off
from the right. The left hand then throws high, the right low, the left zips.

It's easier if you throw the "5" really high. If you're outside or something, you
can really throw it up, and the swap underneath is pretty relaxed.

I had a lot of trouble with this one, until I started throwin with my "weak" hand first.
Then it started getting better.
video - 531

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