A pretty pattern, I think, with a high throw and two balls
going up and down on the sides.

The hands throw twice in a row. Have two balls in the right hand, one in
the left. The right hand goes first, with a high throw to the other side (the "5").
The left hand does nothing (the "0"). The right hand then throws it's second ball
straight up on the right side.

That's one round of 504, which is only two right hand throws. To keep the
pattern going, the left hand does the same thing. Before catching the high
throw from the right, the left hand throws its ball as a high throw to the
right, catches the first ball thrown in step one, and throw that ball
straight up on the left.

It sounds more complicated than it is. The right hand does "high-cross, up",
followed by a "high-cross, up" by the left hand.

The "5" throws need to be high, the "4" throws need to be low-ish. There's also
a certain rhythm to it, it feels a lot different than other patterns. Once you know
what it "feels" like, you've got it.

video - 504

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